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NuWave Laser Therapy

NuWave Laser - The Next Generation of Medical Lasers Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment currently used in some orthopedic settings to promote healing by providing heat to damaged tissues. Laser therapy has been demonstrated to be safe (World Association Of Laser Therapy).


Therapy with NuWave Laser builds on this ubiquity and solid safety profile and uses a patented approach that combines a near infra-red (NIR) wavelength and higher doses with proprietary treatment protocols not simply to deliver heat to a damaged area to ameliorate pain, but rather to stimulate tissue remodeling and healing.


NuWave Laser - The precise wavelength of the NuWave Laser has been shown to stimulate collagenase production which is essential to achieve tissue remodeling where there is existing internal scarring. NuWave laser also stimulates the recruitment of cytokines immune cells and structural elements to achieve correct healing. NuWave laser results in heat generation at the site of injury which promotes ATP migration to and ATP generation within the site, and the heat from NuWave Laser causes the release of heat shock proteins which signal to the body that repair is needed at the site. This unique combined wavelength and energy approach powers the remodeling and healing of the damaged area.


NuWave Laser can be used to deliver energy deep into tissues e.g. shoulders, hips. The tissue penetration of the NuWave Laser is easily reduced to treat less deep injuries including muscular tears, and can be further adjusted to treat superficial skin injuries. NuWave Laser in normal operation on unbroken skin is typically used at a dose of 2640 joules per minute. The dose can be intensified up to 3600 joules per minute or reduced to as low as 300 joules per second depending upon treatment requirements. Proprietary treatment protocols have been developed in which the dose, duration and treatment algorithm have been established for a particular indication. Exploratory clinical work with NuWave Laser has shown strong efficacy in an orthopedic setting for pain management, injury prevention, restoration of full function, and expediting recovery from injury in professional athletes and elite athletes. Clinical work has also been very encouraging with NuWave Laser in resolving peripheral paresthesias and in expediting recovery from neuropathic and decubitus ulcers. Some studies have reported axonal regeneration when using NIR laser therapy.


NuWave Laser is currently initiating a program of clinical studies. These studies will test the NuWave Laser and our proprietary treatment protocols to demonstrate in a randomized placebo controlled fashion the benefit of the NuWave Laser system in resolving pain, in remodeling tissue, in various neuropathies in healing chronic wounds and in achieving faster better healing.

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