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What Our Customer Say

Paul M.  Age 71

As a professional painter NuWave Laser helped alleviate the arthritis pain in my hands and knees enabling me to continue working and playing hockey.     


Patty M.  Age 65

The NuWave laser procedure was quick, painless, and reduced the pain in my knees which allowed me to resume spinning classes and sleep with reduced pain. 


Terry Age 56

I have worked as a massage therapist for 26 years. Taking care of my hands is very important, my thumbs especially. I have used Chiropractic and EMS as well as hot wax treatments when they get overworked. After the first NuWave laser treatment, I had instant relief and after three treatments, I have had longer relief than ever before. The treatments itself is soothing and takes such a short time. I think so many would benefit from it.


Sue B Age 65

I had a ganglion cyst on my foot that was rubbing against the inside of my shoe causing pain. After 5 painless treatments, the sac dissolved and eventually disappeared. I would highly recommend NuWave Laser.


Vic P. Age 68

I have had arthritis in my fingers for 12 years which has prevented me from gripping my golf clubs. After one treatment of the NuWave Laser, I booked a golf vacation to Las Vegas.

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